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PEACE fully enables the new logo

[Hong Kong, 9.24] In order to upgrade a new professional image and provide customers with better services, PEACE Cable will stop using the original logo and fully update the new logo from now on, marking the beginning of a new journey for PEACE.


The new logo upholds the design concept of technology connecting the future. The main color of the logo is blue that represents the color of PEACE submarine cable system, and the green part has the meaning of low-carbon environmental protection, which also increases recognition. The arc shape symbolizes the sea level and the frontier trend of optical fiber data transmission and interconnection. New logo demonstrates that PEACE focuses on the global subsea communication network and aims to be the world's leading submarine cable operator. It shows a higher degree of matching with the products and services of PEACE Cable, highlights the professional image of the company and indicates the openness of international interconnection for the future development of PEACE.

The COO of PEACE Cable, Sun Xiaohua says: "With the continuous completion of the project construction, it marks that we are getting closer to the final delivery. The completion of new logo upgrade means the beginning of a new chapter for PEACE Cable. We will continue to provide customers with reliable, flexible and high-speed interconnection services.”



About PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD

PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD, founded in 2018 and registered in Hong Kong. PEACE Cable aims to be leading international submarine cable system operator. PEACE submarine cable system, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, provides an open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers. PEACE cable system is targeted for completion in 2021. When complete, the high-speed PEACE cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, interconnecting three of the world’s most populous continents whilst at the same time dramatically reducing latency, delivering a superior connectivity experience which will be ideal for a vast array of commercial and consumer applications.

To learn more about PEACE Cable System, please visit www.peacecable.com

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Copyright 2018. PEACE CABLE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK CO., LIMITED.  All rights reserved