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PEACE NOC is ready to be put into operation

[Hong Kong, July 5, 2021] PEACE Cable announced that as of June 28th, the construction of PEACE Cable System NOC platform in Hong Kong has been fully completed, and it is currently in the preparatory stage. It is expected to provide customers with a full range of services before December 2021.


NOC is short for Network Operation Center, which is an integral part of the submarine cable system. As one of the most important parts of the whole system, its completion marks a real step towards customer delivery.


PEACE NOC will serve as a centralized analysis, optimization, configuration and dispatch center for PEACE, as well as a centralized operation and maintenance center for submarine cable networks and equipments. Through centralized, informatized, and specialized functions, NOC can complete business product development, resource configuration management, customer service support, business development support and operation service product output, to achieve network and NOC operation goals and value-added goals.


PEACE builds its own NOC and provides its own operation and maintenance services, which can give full play to the international and completely open characteristics of PEACE submarine cable. With innovative thinking and concepts, it breaks the traditional service model, provides a future-oriented network operation service guarantee system, and creates new PEACE operation and maintenance service products.


Sun Xiaohua, Chief Operating Officer, PEACE Cable, says:"This is a key milestone step, and its completion will provide customers with more convenient services. We attach great importance to its construction. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 on the whole construction process, we finally effectively complete these tasks on time. We hope to provide stable and high-quality network services in the future.”




About PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD

PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD, founded in 2018 and registered in Hong Kong. PEACE Cable aims to be leading international submarine cable system operator. PEACE submarine cable system, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, provides an open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers. PEACE cable system is targeted for completion in 2021. When complete, the high-speed PEACE cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, interconnecting three of the world's most populous continents whilst at the same time dramatically reducing latency, delivering a superior connectivity experience which will be ideal for a vast array of commercial and consumer applications.


To learn more about PEACE Cable System, please visit www.peacecable.com

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Copyright 2018. PEACE CABLE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK CO., LIMITED.  All rights reserved