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PEACE finished the first cable loading

[Changshu, Nov 20, 2020] PEACE announced that the first cable loading for Mediterranean Segment ( PEACE Med) has been successfully achieved. The freighter Sophia is going to Brest, France in the morning of November 21.

On November 13, PEACE Med started the loading operations. A certain amount of skilled personnel such as cable hands and stevedores were arranged in the cable factory, along the loading line and onboard the vessel to guarantee the accurate coiling of the cable in the tanks and storage of the repeaters in the stack due to the complexity of submarine cable loading. Meanwhile, testers were involved throughout the whole loading process and the entire operation was under the management of loading manager. After 7 days of efforts, the first batch of PEACE Med cable was loaded on board.

The freighter Sophia is currently sailing towards Brest, France, where the cable and repeaters will be transferred to  main-lay vessel of Pierre de Fermat for laying.

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The successful loading of PEACE MED System provides assurances for the commercial service of the PEACE system as planned for 2021. Once PEACE operates, the new information superhighway connecting China, Europe and Africa is ready with the lowest latency and  high-capacity bandwidth.

Bruce Liu, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of the PEACE cable system, stressed that " Thanks to the continuous efforts and support of our partners in the last several months. We are honored to announce the first loading of PEACE MED has been completed. As a milestone event, this successful loading will provide an important guarantee for the commercial use of the PEACE system in 2021. And we believe that PEACE will soon enable direct long-term interconnectivity between three continents to meet the rapid needs of the communities as scheduled."



About PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD

PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD, founded in 2018 and registered in Hong Kong. PEACE aims to be leading international submarine cable system operator. PEACE submarine cable system, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, provides an open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers. PEACE is targeted for completion in 2021. When complete, the high-speed PEACE cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, interconnecting three of the world’s most populous continents whilst at the same time dramatically reducing latency, delivering a superior connectivity experience which will be ideal for a vast array of commercial and consumer applications.

To learn more about PEACE Cable System, please visit: www.peacecable.com


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Copyright 2018. PEACE CABLE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK CO., LIMITED.  All rights reserved